A twenty-one-soon-to-be-twenty-two-year-old chemistry college graduate, I find fascination in the sciences and the secrets that Nature, greatest of geniuses, has created in this universe. Apart from my geeky choice of career, I study Japanese as a second language, just so I can insult more people. (Just joking!) If I can say anything about the Japanese, it’s this: their food is delicious, their manners top-class, and their anime and manga magnificent!

And then, from time to time when I am able to scrape up enough money to do so, I go off to visit different countries or states. I’ve been to Italy, Greece, England, New York, and driven through a lot of the states in-between NY and Washington state. It’s no fun settling for going nowhere past the five surrounding postal codes where you live. “See the world” they say in movies. That’s good advice.

Then finally, a very important aspect of myself, I love fantasy books. Though I do not do much reading anymore because of a lack of time. J.R.R. Tolkien and Piers Anthony are my literary heroes, thus I aspire to be a writer as well. I am currently working on a fantasy series that, hopefully, will blow everyone away…yeah, here’s to hoping. 🙂


1 thought on “About”

  1. pi314chron said:

    Hi, again! — When I was thanking you for your suggestions concerning selection of a printer/publisher, I neglected to thank you for “following” my blog, which is basically devoted to haiku, tanka, senryu and a smattering of other short verse forms. Oh! And an occasional “humor” piece. Just beginning to explore your blog but count me as a “follower”! ** 🙂 **


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